Blistex at DOT AIR, Aug 2015

BLISTEX debuts on Sat Aug 15th at the 2nd annual DOT AIR FEST, this year at Machines With Magnets, Pawtucket RI.

blissed & blessed / ultra rich / a true moisture melt.
renewed, deeply. simple & sensitive. & also. chafed.
also chafing.
blistex is protective sound, screen, & movement
by caroline park & allie trionfetti.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.33.01 PM.png

Dreams & Nightmares at Pioneer Works, 5.30.15

Dreams & Nightmares, a multimedia theatrical collaboration with Ariadne Greif. Stills from the performance this past May 2015 at Pioneer Works as part of Vision Into Art's FERUS Festival, following our debut run in Sept 2014 at JACK as part of the Resonant Bodies Festival. Coming up in Jan 2016 will be a fully produced version of D&N at the new National Sawdust. 

Filmmaker Caroline Mariko Stucky is currently creating a documentary on this project, titled Only A Dream.

Live from FERUS Festival performance. Costume by Nina Ruelle. Photo © Jill Steinberg.

Still from Stucky's documentary, Only A Dream. Costume by Nina Ruelle. Photo © Caroline Mariko Stucky.

Park & Tamirisa at the ICA, 5.28.15

Park & Tamirisa duo at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, May 2015. Thanks to Susanna Bolle of Non-Event, Ricardo de Lima, and John Andress for having us as part of Ricardo's Foster Prize performances. Great evening shared with Jimmy Hughes / Patrick Chaney and Jason Lescalleet. Thanks to all the folks at the ICA for their generous help in putting this together.

Photo © Philip Fryer.



"less than human" album release (pan y rosas, 2015)

New album released on netlabel Pan Y Rosasless than human, 5 tracks totaling about 34 minutes, composed throughout all of January 2015 leading up to a February 2015 release date.

1  being states [2:21]
2  plantlife [8:17]
3  a moth is born [3:39]
4  fractured barnacles [8:36]
5  gldufgsld [11:09]

"less than human" has received generous + thoughtful press in The WireDisquiet, Decoder Magazine, and Touching Extremes.

Post-release liner notes:

LTH is an open meditation on the less-than-human. LTH is about sensitivity and volume, presence in space, the sounding of space, the very real perception of sound-space as being extra-physical even though it may initially be thought of as immaterial. It is a narrative reflection on relation and relating-to: one to a space, a space to another space, one to another.

The compositional process of this album coincided with conversations I was having in January 2015 about the incomplete human, the diseased human, the less than human, and what it means to be seen as fully human. Discussion of these in/visibilities later led to a question / conversation of how to make visible the work process itself: how to make visible those who have helped in that process of the creation of work. 

I'm very thankful to several individuals who, whether they knew it or not, were a part of the compositional process leading to LTH. Thanks to Maysam, for initiating and having these conversations about the incomplete human, the diseased human, and the less than human with me, and for moving me to think more deeply and critically; David, whose 'multi-gran' app I indulged in in making beautiful ambient materials, snippets of which provided the occasional signal; Derek, for his inspiring "Korra music" and generally for his support; Asha, for her inspiring ambient textures and generally for her support. All materials (sound sources, code) are original; I coded and composed everything in Max/MSP and mixed everything in Reaper.

less than human available for streaming and free download on Pan Y Rosas. Full volume on good speakers is necessary; no head/ear phones (also avoid laptop speakers) for an optimal listening experience. If you must use ear phones, let them hang out of your ears a little, but good speakers is preferable. Many thanks to PYR for the interest.



SAT AUG 15, 2015 at 6:00pm
Dot Air Festival, 4pm-1am
Machines With Magnets
400 Main Street, Pawtucket RI

SAT OCT 10, 2015 at 8:00pm
SUN OCT 11, 2015 at 8:00pm

Yours And Our Devices
Kirsten Schnittker, choreography
Caroline Park, sound
Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn NY

SAT NOV 7, 2015
Tone Deaf Fest
Kingston, Ontario

TUES FEB 9, 2016
New work for solo piano
Michael Dauphinais, pianist
University of Arizona, College of Fine Arts
Tucson, AZ

TUES MAY 3, 2016
Stockhausen: Mantra
Katherine Chi, Aleksander Madzar, pianists
Caroline Park, Jim Donahue, sound
Gilmore International Keyboard Festival
Kalamazoo, MI



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